Putting the Animals First

This month, Baladi Team met with Al Bireh Municipality’s member, Sufiyan Quran, to discuss the spay and neuter center they are building. We discussed each other’s work experience, challenges, visions, and how we can partner for the benefit of Palestinian street dogs. A Memorandum of Understanding between Baladi and Al Bireh municipality is currently in the works to ensure accountability from each of us.

Over at our shelter, the four original dogs continue to live happily. They were joined by Sumoud, this month, who still did not find a forever home. We only hope it’s a matter of time until the right application comes through.

This week, Sukkara received a diagnosis on her watery eyes, which turned out to be a symptom of a respiratory infection. She is on an aggressive medication that appears to be working already. The rest of the eight cats have been scheduled for vet appointments as this infection is contagious.

Yucca is being treated for an eye infection. Yucca was rescued in 2021 with a severe infection in both eyes. He lost one eye naturally and the second was removed through surgery. This is regular follow up associated with rescuing and caring for a blind cat that we are committed to.