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Our story

Vegan in Palestine was started by a group of vegan friends who wanted to build a community and connect with other vegans in Palestine by organizing monthly vegan dinners. Today, Vegan in Palestine has grown into a dynamic volunteer run organization that advocates for and rescues street animals in Palestine, organizes vegan meetups and charity work in cities around Palestine, provides resources and support for Palestinian vegans and those transitioning to veganism, and much much more.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Vegan in Palestine is that every life deserves to live a life of dignity and respect. We believe in justice and peace for ourselves as Palestinians, but also for the other beings fighting for their rights to survive around the world. Veganism is the future, and we as Palestinians, are doing our part. Though the health benefits of a plant based diet are not to be discredited, our driving motivation for veganism are the ethical concerns regarding the ways animals are treated in society and the devastating affects that has had on our planet.

Our vision

Our vision is for Palestine to be a place without walls or cages for our people and animals. We hope to create a society in which we love and care for those we share our land with, whether it be by providing food and shelter for street animals in Palestine or making sure our society has knowledge and access to adequately nutritious plant foods.

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